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Download Skype installer 8.85 for Windows

Skype has two desktop builds for Windows PC as of 2022. One is a standalone version, compatible with Windows 7 and higher. Then there is an exclusive build, Skype 15, available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 & 11. The new Skype 8.85 has a similar design and features across all it’s desktop builds. The old version, Skype Classic, has been discontinued, and Microsoft now requires all users to upgrade to the Skype 8 to continue using the app.

How to download Skype for Windows (full desktop installer)

We wrote this article when Microsoft only provided an online installer for Skype. At that point, customers had to rely on the Windows store to download and install Skype updates. The move was causing displeasure among users looking for a standalone Skype installer, so we provided a solution on our site. However, the company subsequently changed that model; now, everyone can download Skype directly as a full installer from the Microsoft website.

Skype installer for Windows

Click on the following link or type in that URL on your browser’s address bar to download the Skype full installer directly from Microsoft.

7/5/2022 – Update

(Download Skype offline installer)

What’s new in Skype 8 installer?

How to download Skype 8 portable for Windows

Computer admins usually prevent students from installing third-party programs in colleges and schools. Instant messaging apps like Skype is generally in the block list. If you are facing this problem, you may download Skype portable, and carry in it on a USB disk.

Skype MSI (8.83) standalone setup, download here

Finally, Microsoft has released the MSI version of Skype for Windows. The Skype 8 MSI is also an offline installer of the application, generally used by network administrators. With the launch of Skype MSI Installer, it is now easy for admins to install and update Skype on a network of computers under their control.

Skype Classic for Windows

Skype Classic, the previous edition of Skype is no longer supported by Microsoft, the download link has also been removed from the official website. Microsoft has disabled all means to login to Skype Classic- so now its worthless to download the application on Windows platform. However, if you are interested, you may visit our page discussing old classic version of the Skype.

Get Skype 8.84 beta [preview] for Windows, here

Skype Preview program is designed to push the beta builds of the Skype app to the developers. Dev community helps Skype programmers to polish the app and fix bugs before its launch to the mainstream users. Regular users may also download Skype preview 8.84 if they would like to test new feature additions before it is publicly available. Some features of Skype Preview may not work if the person on the other side is not using the same build.  Also, there may be security issues with Skype preview builds, but it is rarely reported.

Download Skype for Business Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), here.

Skype for business is a special edition of the IM with more advanced tools that are useful for enterprise customers. Microsoft had a product called Lync until 2015, until Skype for business replaced it, by combining the best of two software. Elements of Skype for Business is tightly integrated with Office tools like OneDrive, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. The application allows clients to do online meetings with hundreds of users at the same and supports full HD video calls, screen sharing, or to do collaboration work. However, the features of Skype for business on Windows depends on whether you are subscribed of Office 365 or not.

Although there are limitations, the basic version of Skype Business for Windows also supports audio/video calls and small-scale meetings.

Skype for Business Windows download

Sign-in to the Microsoft online portal with your business account to download the version you need. As shown in the screenshot, you can download Skype for Business 2015 or the basic edition for Office 365. Skype for Business is available for both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows editions.

There won’t be any major release for this app in 2021 as Microsoft is migrating all it’s features to the Teams app, which would eventually replace Skype for Enterprise. It is possible to download and upgrade to MS Teams right now by logging into the Office portal, but it is not easy to go back and downgrade if you proceed.

Can I install Skype on Windows 10 without app store or Microsoft account?

Sometimes, on Windows 10, Skype shows an error message, ” Please install Skype from the Windows store for the best experience.” The Skype offline installer that you download from the link above won’t work. Instead, it quits and opens the Windows Store page listing the Skype app.

Can you install Skype on Windows without app store or Microsoft account?

If you are unable to download or sign-in to the Microsoft store for some reason, you can download the offline installer listed above. This version of Skype doesn’t require you sign to the Windows Store for installation.

How to get Skype installer in 64-bit format?

Where can I download Skype for Business offline installer (Windows)?

How to download Skype desktop installer for MacOS and Linux?

Can I use Skype Classic old edition now?

Skype Classic, the previous edition of Skype is no longer supported by Microsoft, the download link has also been removed from the official website. Microsoft has disabled all means to login to Skype Classic- so now its worthless to download the application on Windows platform. However, if you are interested, you may visit our page discussing old classic version of the Skype.

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  1. Thanks for the update @ViktorK. You did a great job in helping us with Skype’s MSI updates for the past few months. Appreciate your work!

  2. How do i find out how many conversations i have had with a skype user? there is a way to get this information in WATSapp

  3. How do i split the new version of Skype?

  4. HI.
    How can I Play the sound from my computer with the new version of Skype 8 without having to share my screen?

  5. Hi Winytips I have no choice than to download Skype 8.xx but my only Problem is when i turn on my air VPN i cannot make Skype to Skype calls but when the air VPN is off I can make calls. can you help on what to do for me to make calls when the air VPN is on? I use Windows 7

  6. I was just forced to upgrade to version 8 and it is utter trash. Their “simple” design is actually harder to use. It takes up damn near the entire screen when on a call…WHY does the chat have to be on the left side of the video!? Why not allow it to be below the chat–like it was before!–so that Skype can take up less screen space? And when making group calls, you can no longer enlarge one person’s video window while minimizing the others–nope! They’re all given equal screen space. Maddening! Also when on a call with one person and another person messages you, there’s no way to see who the other person was or what they wrote. The F**K!? Whoever designed and forced this disaster on us should be put before a firing squad. I’m going to be using Skype much less from now on, I have such a disgusting taste in my mouth. It almost feels like that’s what Microsoft wants. If it’s not broke–break it! –Microsoft

  7. Can I change the planet ?
    I don’t want to live in a planet with companies like Microsoft.

    SKYPE was good. skype worked. Why do they …. our minds with the unbelievable update shits that dont work.

    • because MS wants to kill Skype on any Price.
      eg: removing to split chat windows -> is like developing a car and removing all doors exclusive “driver’s door” in front . And all others should enter into the car only on 1 door doesn’t matter what happen … they are too stupid. i think 1 company alone can not that stupid

  8. I cannot use the Classic version anymore. It seems that Microsoft is blocking to use that version in 2019. Is there anyone that nows a trick to continue using the classic version?

  9. Thanks a lot! I again reinstalled SkypeClassic on top of the garbage Skype8. Finally back to the usable version 🙂

  10. Hey thanks for announcing that I am building Skype MSI installers. I am not sure if you have latest build, I’ve rebuilt it on November 27 because of possible problems if you are upgrading from 8.32 to versions above so I recommend to use new build based on updated MSI builder tools.

    Builds of Skype MSI are automatically built every day if there is a new version so if someone wants it its available on:

  11. We are terribly disappointed in the “NEW” Skype version. First – I’ve not been able to find my old contacts without having to “Search” for the “names”. Second – I may be wrong but I have found how to bring up or ‘upload’ the old contacts I’ve had for years!! What gives?!?! It appears that these ‘updates’ are designed to hamstring regular people from using that software. Share on Microsoft and their ‘clever’ designers. Which ‘version’ can I still use to continue with the old contacts?!?!? thank you for your work!! 🙁

  12. prosze o wskazowki jak powrocic aplikacje usuniete podczas resetowania ustawien komputera dnia 12.11.2018 Windows 10 gdzie ie usunieto rowniez Skype/wersja 833/plik HTML 9 KB/.SKYPE zawiera lwszystkie dane telefony i wplaty oraz abonamenty.Gdzie moge to pobrac i znowuz cieszyc sie SKYPE? Bardzo prosze o odpowiedz.

    wdzieczna emerytka
    Iwona Babic
    moj e-mail:[email protected]

  13. Hi
    is there a way to turn off new Skype 8.31 new user setup, like the microphone,picture and camera adjusting that comes when you first start it up ?

  14. I want to run multiple skype but I am not able to it on new version 8.3…

  15. If your users are not admins on their computers the 8.x is not for you. It will try to autoupdate when a new version is released and the users will be prompted for admin privileges.
    There’s no way (yet) of turning off the autoupdate.
    For enterprise admins wanting to provide a managed Skype-client the 7.41 MSI is the way to go.

  16. Dear
    I use skype last version but i can not make no video calls

  17. I need skype for laptop using windows 10 and with 64 bits. I try with the link you mentioned before but it doesn´t donwload 826 exe skype in spit of appears 827 exe but it doesn´t operate. What can I do? I do´t want to pay for it.

  18. I´m trying to install skype on my pc with windows 10 and 64 bit. Yes appears message and it´s not possible. The 826 skype you mentioned below doesn´t appears by clicking de link. Yes appears 827 and exe file doesn´t activate skype. What can I do?. I don´t want to pay for it.

  19. Hi: Thank you so much for this site! I downloaded and used for about a minute v I found that although it would run @ startup it would not automatically sign me in. Eventually I guess we’ll have to start using it (or use another platform). I just wondered whether anyone else noticed this and had a workaround. When I googled that question I got 4 year old web sites or people talking about its not loading on startup which is a separate issue.

  20. Have to share full screen. No option to share only a window in the new Skype version. Duh!

  21. я установил скайп классик и очень доволен никакого сравнения нет с 8. и 8.15

  22. Magic – the 7.40 MSI installer worked. Many thanks. (Microsoft – never fails to disappoint)

  23. Reply
    Anonymous survivor of the app store Skype installation epidemic February 21, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    Great job man! You deserve a thank you!

  24. I’m trying to find the .MSI file in the 8.15.04 EXE and used 7Z to extract it but could not find it. How would I find the .MSI?

  25. 1) A PC running the new Skype 8 is no longer sufficient to show an active status. It won’t pickup the correct status until you actually try to make a call. That’s not good for those that used Skype as an indicator to show whether a PC was running.

    2) The App Store version provides no icon in the quick view section next to the clock. Consequently, you’re not made aware of missed calls/messages. Pinning respective icon to the Taskbar is of no help. This is an important omission that will force people to revert to Skype Desktop Version Alas, this still doesn’t solve the first issue.

  26. Is it possible to have the Skype Classic version and the 8 version installed on the same computer?

  27. Just went back to Classic. THANK you for your info.
    Seems that 8 is missing some of my favorite features, such as various options for security setting, and the quality info that is available in classic.
    Thanks again.

  28. Skype 8 sucks. The whole thing of collecting and gathering all info began already much earlier. I could get around renaming the .exe file but after redesigning the entire thing I just simply stopped using it. Don’t want to pay NSA to listen to my conversations.

  29. Reply
    Michel Mibitile Mbilambila January 2, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    je suis d’avie d’utuliser skype

  30. Hi,
    This was very useful, and helped me to proceed to get an offline installed desktop version of skype .
    Many thanks to you.
    I wish you a Happy New year

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