Download Google Chrome portable 113 (zip) installer [2023]

Google Chrome portable is a unique build of the popular web browser; you can carry it anywhere in a Pen Drive. It is also an offline installer, but you don’t need to install the portable edition to use it, unlike the regular Chrome installer. All you need is to double-click on the Chrome icon in the download package, and it’s ready for use. It’s the best choice when you want to run a specific version of Chrome where you don’t have admin rights to install programs. We recently required the Chrome portable installer for our Windows PC in 32-bit or 64-bit format. Yes, a few sites are offering the latest version, 113.0.5672.93. But we could not find the Chrome Portable in zip format, which many people prefer downloading.

Google Chrome portable for (64/32-bit) Windows PC

Chrome or any portable software works well when it is available in ZIP format. Unfortunately, a popular website providing portable apps has a different way. When you download their version of Chrome portable, you get an online installer of about 2MB size. And during installation, it also needs to connect to the internet to download Chrome separately. They do provide a folder with Chrome files in the end, but the overall experience is underwhelming.

Chrome Portable ZIP advantage

People prefer portable installers for Windows when they don’t have permission to install a particular software. Privacy and managing the browser without local system interference is the main advantage of downloading portable Chrome. However, the download from PortableApps is not an offline version of Chrome, as anyone would expect.

We invite you to test our downloads if you want the latest Google Chrome 113 Stable, 114 Beta & 115(Dev), in a portable format. Just like our download for Brave, it is in an archive format that you can extract to your desktop. Currently, we have links for Beta and Dev variants of the Chrome as 32-bit zip files, and we are trying to add the 64-bit shortly.

13/05/2023 Update
Download Google Chrome 113.0.5672.93 portable 64-bit & 32-bit installer.
Also, try Google Chrome portable installer 113(Beta), 115(Dev).

If you want the regular version, and see what’s new in the browser, check our page on Google Chrome offline installer

Our download for the Google Chrome portable is tested with VirusTotal for any malware, and you can see the results here.

Chrome portable 84

The disadvantage of Chrome Portable is, unfortunately, with the update process. Since it doesn’t install on the system, it can’t use the Google update to download and upgrade Chrome to the latest version. We will add the Google Chrome portable 113, 114, 115 and all upcoming releases on this page — please bookmark this page if you are concerned about the update.

How to run Google Chrome from USB pendrive when you can’t install it

Download Chrome Portable 64 32 bit beta installer

The portable edition of Google Chrome lets you open and run the browser from a pen drive. It is useful when you are at the school or college, where the external installation of software is prohibited. And the process is straightforward if you download one of the ZIP files we have given above.

  • First, download the 32-bit or 64-bit version portable Google Chrome installer 113.0.5672.93.
  • Extract the zip file to a folder on desktop or USB Pendrive.
  • Now, check for the Google Chrome icon in the folder and double-click on it.
  • That launches Chrome for you without any local Windows installation.

System admins have the option to block Chrome update installations on your computer through group policy management tools. But if you download Chrome portable 90 and follow the above process, you can use the latest browser without touching the local installation.

  1. I unzipped the Chrome Portable to a USB drive. The drive letter was H.
    It ran well directly on drive H.
    The only problem is that my settings, bookmarks, etc.. were not stored
    on drive H. They are still stored on Windows drive c.
    Therefore it is not truly portable. When I plugged my USB drive into
    another PC all my settings, bookmark, etc.. were lost..
    I had to set everything up all over again. I was very frustrated that
    it did not work as advertized.

  2. Only one website found with this proper portable ZIP I wanted..
    Kindly keep updating the version.

  3. Have you got any plan for the 88v?

  4. Great release. I think it’s the only portable Google Chrome survived on the Internet.

  5. Thanks so interest this portable version of Chrome! God bless!

  6. Please upload Chrome Portable installer for Windows XP. I need the browser for an experiential project, with Virtualbox.

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