Download Skype Portable edition for Windows PC

Download Skype Portable edition for Windows PC

Skype portable is a build of the popular instant messaging software designed for users accessing the service on public computers. The portable Skype is exclusively for Windows users on desktop PCs who do not have permission to install third-party software. As a portable software, one can easily carry Skype on a USB pen drive and click to run it anywhere without installation. Though Microsoft does not endorse portable Skype, the tool is widely used and considered safe. There is an active community building portable apps; they have a version for old and new versions of Skype.

Download Skype Portable ZIP [2021]

The regular Skype is downloadable as a single .exe or .msi installer file in 32-bit format. As of April 2021, the latest version of Skype is 8.68 for Windows and Mac. On the other hand, the Skype portable comes in a zip format. One needs to use an app like WinZip or WinRAR to extract and use it after downloading from the links given below.

Download Skype Portable 7.41 Classic [zip]: Click here

Download Skype Portable 8.68 [zip]: Click here

Developers produce the portable versions for software like Chrome, Brave, etc. from the original installer after adding support files and folders. This package is then compressed to form a ZIP or 7ZIP file for quick and easy web transfers.

Skype portable zip

Since Microsoft has no role in creating the portable edition, there are chances you get a malware-infected version of Skype if you download it from unknown sources. That is the main disadvantage of Skype Portable. We have scanned all the uploads with the VirusTotal engine; it is free from all kinds of threats.

How to run Skype without installing or administrator rights

Portable Skype is the best choice for School and College students and people who use Internet cafes. System administrators usually disable the installation of chat and video calling apps in networks to prevent security issues and resource misuse. Skype portable is at your help when you don’t have admin rights. Here is how a portable version helps you run Skype without installation.

  • Download a suitable version of the portable Skype from the links above.
  • Copy and carry the ZIP file to your USB or storage device.
  • Extract the ZIP file to a folder when you are on a machine without installation permission.
  • Please browse through the folder named Portable and find the Skype icon inside it.
  • Double-tap on the Skype.exe to launch the app.
  • Skype is ready. Sign in to your Microsoft account and start using it.


Just like as shown in the video, you don’t need admin privilege/password to use Skype portable.

Alternative to Skype portable for using Skype without installation

There is another way to use Skype if the portable version is not working for you. Browse to the web version of Skype.  Skype Chat, video, and audio calls work on the online version if you useChrome on macOS or Microsoft Edge browser on Windows.

Download Skype Portable edition for Windows PC
Download Skype Portable edition for Windows PC
  1. HiI have no idea when above comments were posted. This post is dated Februari 16 2021.
    I installed Windows 10 on my old ASUS Eee PC model 1000H. Everything works fineis slow but is OK for old HW. All drivers are “original” is w10 picked them up automatically.
    HOWEVER SKYPE version 8 is HORRIBLEslownonresponsive. MS does not allow to run a portable version #7 anymore. So i decided ro run Versio 8 portable from this site.
    That version #8 just runs GREAT as portable. Just fine.
    Thanks to everybody. I hope this is of any use to others.

  2. Thank you so much!!! I have tried so many portable version on Microsoft Surface and nothing worked! The version 8.58 works fine!!!

  3. Reply
    Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar April 19, 2020 at 4:01 am

    Thank you I love the portables and I needed a updated “Skype”. Good work.

  4. Portable won’t run: I get an error window saying “A problem was found with the version of Skype installed on this device”. Expected: Found: “. I have Windows 7 pro SP1.

    • Please check now: I have updated Skype 8 portable link to the latest version 8.58. I have also fixed Skype Classic portable link; now you may download 7.41 version. However, please note that you can’t sign-in to Skype Classic as Microsoft discontinued it in 2019.

  5. Sorry to report that Portable 7.36 contains 8.36. :/ So disappointing! If you can fix this much appreciated -thanks!

  6. Please consider renaming the Skype directory into one that does not contain spaces. I was getting weird startup errors about not being able to find some files and as soon as I renamed ‘Skype Portable 8.57 ‘ into SkypePortable857 then all problems disappeared. Thanks for providing this portable version!

  7. I make it the Portable version to by bypass the update (with files from version 8) but still not able to logon. Maybe they changed the login server address?
    Lets find a solution to make it work

  8. Try running it off of a flash drive or a different hard drive that is NOT running the main OS. That’s the only way I’ve been able to use any version below 8 and I’ve tried literally every version of 7.x.x

  9. Downloaded Skye Version to my thumb drive and it is working fine. February 2019. Would recommend.

  10. Hi All..this Portable skype is great but I have issues with sound. It always connect to sound to other device then required.. for example its ringing on headhones and once Picked uP it switch the audio on computer sPeaker. Any idea? Thank you.

  11. 7.36 works fine Portable in a folder. Thankyou for the hard work.

  12. Hi guys – look at youtube for “Working SkyPe Classic 7.40 Patched 2019”.

  13. Thanks for this download. So glad! The Portable USB download for 7.36 classic skyPe once oPened is the 8.36 not the 7.36. Please helP! As Brian S Wilson wrote only the caPital P works in this comment section.

  14. I would like to take a moment and thank the author for Putting together this article (Sorry about the ‘P’ but only the masculine form of the letter seems to work. This is a Problem when writing about Skype). I was able to download the Portable 7.36 version of Skype and get that installed. It does work (yes I ran a couple of virus scans on the ZIP and unzipped folders (nothing suspicious found). Thank you for helping out during Microsoft Petulant Period.

  15. SKYPE (MICROSOFT) is resorting to its typical tyrannical tactics to force its paying clients—I have had paid subscriptions and numbers for a
    decade. The “New Skype” is an abortion. I used it for a while and uninstalled it like millions of users. When one cannot even save a new phone number to call a new contact using one’s Skype subscription that demonstrates the total disregard that Microsoft has for its users. Typically they are playing the part of a dictator who always knows best about what his subjects need and want. I am totally disgusted with having paid of subscriptions that Skype will not refund but will run to the end of the subscription end-date. The world is ready for an alternative that would put Skype out of business.

  16. Hello
    today the version forced the upgrade.
    Do you have any solution?

  17. The skype portable version for old style was working perfectly. But suddendly they are not letting me use it and instead want to force me to use an updated version.

    What do i do?

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