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HDFC CIBIL score free
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    मोहनलाल June 23, 2020 at 9:49 pm

    My CIBIL Score is 770 if I check with HDFC Bank. How to improve it?

  2. Is it completely free? How many time I can check the CIBIL report through HDFC?

    • Yes it is completely free to check CIBIL score report from HDFC Bank properties if you follow one of the two methods explained above.

  3. HDFC and CIBIL are looting customers with practice of charging for credit score. This why you need another player like Experian in India’s credit rating scene.

    • Most of the banks including HDFC checks CIBIL score in the first place. I think most of these lenders have an inbuilt system to know a customer’s CIBIL rating instantly when they enters the PAN card. So it is very important that you focus more on CIBIL score.

  4. When I check the CIBIL from HDFC netbanking, at the end of providing all information it says unable to show your CIVIL score at time try again later. CIBIL wants your money they are not ready to provide it for free.

    • Dear arulmugan, Please try the alternative we have posted (HDFC Life) for accessing your CIBIl score free. It takes less time and you don’t need to create an account.

  5. I have a CIBIL score of 635. Is it possible for me to get a personal loan from HDFC Bank? I’m a salaried professional working for MTNL.

    • Dear sathya please contact HDFC Bank for CIBIL requirements? BTW, Did you check what is affecting your CIBIL score to be this low?

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