Check HDFC CC statement (Credit Card bill) on mobile app & online

HDFC Credit Card Statement

By default, the HDFC Credit Card statement is sent to the customer’s address every month through a postal mail. I was initially a subscriber of the HDFC CC statement mailer. However, nowadays, I check the HDFC credit card bill amount and download all statements through netbanking or email. The credit card section of the latest HDFC mobile app also provides the option to view the credit card bill status. Why take the risk of late-paying your bill when HDFC bank’s digital platforms offer information on the CC bill amount, and the last date to make payment. Now if you are unable to download the PDF bill, we also have a phone number where you can call and get a mini-statement.

HDFC CC Statement: how to read the credit card bill

If you are first time to HDFC credit card statements, you might have a confusion regarding the details given in the bill. Please have a look at my HDFC Regalia CC bill sample and explanation of the terms.
HDFC CC statement credit card biil
We have numbered the important sections of the HDFC CC statement — check below to know how to read and understand the terms.

    1. Statement Date: This is the date on which HDFC Bank generates your credit card bill every month. Transactions made on this date won’t be added to the statement. It also gives you an idea about your HDFC CC statement cycle. In my case, the credit card bill cycle is from 14th of every month to 13th of next month.
    2. Payment due date: It is the last date for making your HDFC CC bill payment. If you plan to pay your HDFC credit card bill through third-party services like Cred, do it least two days before that due date to avoid late payment charges.
    3. Total dues: It’s the amount you need to pay the HDFC bank if you plan to settle the month’s credit card bill in full.
    4. Minimum amount due: You may also choose to pay the minimum amount due to keep your HDFC card account active, at the cost of interest on the remaining amount. The fee and interest charges are mentioned in the HDFC bank website, usually about 3-3.5% per month.
    5. Credit Limit: It is the maximum amount that you can spend with your HDFC Credit Card both online and offline.
    6. Available credit limit: It is the remaining credit available on your HDFC CC after all the transactions in the previous statement cycle.
    7. Available Cash limit: A part of the HDFC CC credit limit that you can withdraw as cash through an ATM. I have around 1.5 L as cash limit, but if I withdraw it, I have to pay a cash advance fee and the interest until I pay back the full amount to HDFC bank.
    8. Past dues (If any): This section of the HDFC Credit Card statement talks about your dues from past 3 months. In my bill it is all zero as I did the repayments in full and have no default history.

Finally comes the “Transaction description” section where you can view the details of all your credit card swipes in the previous bill cycle. Some of the transactions have confusing labels, like IGST VPS, Consolidated FCY Markup fee, etc. But these are service or tax (GST) related charges, and they appear when you have an EMI on your HDFC credit card, or if you did foreign currency transactions in the statement month.

HDFC Credit Card statement SMS and phone numbers

The HDFC credit card SMS number for getting the mini/ duplicate statement and balance is 5676712. We have listed a few SMS codes or HDFC CC and account management in the following screenshot. However, the SMS and missed-call facility to check HDFC CC mini statement is in an inactive stage from the last few months. Also, this SMS is chargeable at 3 INR per message. So we advice our readers to view their HDFC card statements through one of the digital paths explained in the following sections. Now if you don’t have a smartphone, you can make a call to know your HDFC credit card balance. 

HDFC credit card statement SMS number

Remember to dial the HDFC customer care number near to your location. Just follow the IVR instructions to take Credit Cards, and then validate with your ATM PIN. If you have any complaints, you can dial the HDFC Bank toll-free number 1800-258-3838 (between 8 AM to 8 PM) for raising your concern.

Check HDFC Credit Card statement through online netbanking

HDFC Bank users have three ways to download and check their digital PDF statements. They can get the latest month’s and old statements using HDFC mobile app, credit card netbanking or from their email account registered with the bank.
One needs to login to HDFC Bank’s online netbanking or the credit card portal to download the PDF statements. If you don’t have an account in these platforms, just sign-up for one using your credit card/debit number and OTP verification. New HDFC Savings account holder (Click here), Credit Card customer (Click here).
check HDFC credit card statement online

After getting the HDFC netbanking username and password, sign-in to your online account here.

  • Tap on Cards tab, and find the section on the left side which reads “Enquire,” and expand it.
  • Click on “View Statement” link to open the page you see in the above screenshot.
  • Select the HDFC card number and the billing month from the drop-down menu.
  • Then press the View button to generate the CC statement.
  • Now on the next page, press the link (Click to View/Download) to download your HDFC Card statement in PDF format.

HDFC card customers, who don’t have a savings account with the bank may use this link to open their CC netbanking.

Download HDFC CC bill credit card netbankingThe process of of getting the statement is almost the same as HDFC netbanking. Take Credit Cards> View Statement> Select HDFC card number> Choose bill period> Click View button.

Download HDFC CC statement using the mobile banking app

With the launch of the new HDFC mobile banking app in December 2018, it is now possible to download HDFC Credit Card statement on your mobile phone. Although the options in the newly designed HDFC app are a bit confusing for the first-time users, it is good that they finally bring the option to download credit card statement.

HDFC Credit Card statement download online

  • Download HDFC mobile banking app (new) for Android here, iPhone here.
  • First, sign-in to the new HDFC mobile banking app with your existing netbanking credentials.
  • When you on the app home page, find the Owe section, as shown in the screenshot.
  • Click on the card name to open Credit Card summary page.
  • Now, scroll down to the bottom and click the link “download billed statement.”
  • Select a month and press the download button to save the PDF Credit Card statement to your phone.

Then use the File Manager in your Android device to view the downloaded file; it would there in the documents folder. Alternatively, check the notifications section to download message, and open the file with a PDF reader. Unfortunately, HDFC bank doesn’t have a credit card app. So if you are a credit card only customer, you should continue using the email statements or the online account for viewing the CC bills.

Downloading HDFC card e-statements (password protected)

The HDFC CC statement you download through netbanking and the mobile app are duplicate copies of the e-statement. As the duplicate statement is not password protected, it is easy to share it through digital media. However, if you want to submit your HDFC credit card as an income proof or address proof document, consider providing the e-statement.

Sign-in to the email account you have with the HDFC Bank, and serach with the keyword “HDFC Credit Card Statement” to find the e-statements. Then, open the mail and check through the attachments to download and view the full statement.

HDFC card e-statement download

If you are not receiving the Credit Card bills on email ID, enable the suppression option to deactivate postal deliveries. Expand the Request menu in the Cards tab, and scroll down to find the Physical Statement Suppression option. As seen in the screenshot, enter a valid email address and complete the process. HDFC Bank delivers e-statements from the next credit card billing cycle onward if you activate this feature. Remember to whitelist and add [email protected] to your contact list to prevent the credit card bill ending up in your email spam or junk folder.

The email version of HDFC credit card statement is a digitally signed and secured document. Hence, you need a password to open it. HDFC sends the printed copy of the same file through postal mail.

How to get old HDFC card statements?

HDFC bank old credit card statements

HDFC Bank’s online platform supports downloading old credit card statements. It’s simple — choose the appropriate year and month in the Select Period section, and proceed as given above. You can download old HDFC CC statements up-to last year January through netbanking and up-to last 6 months through mobile app. Check the emails for very old  statements or contact  your home branch if nothing works.

HDFC Credit Card email statement password: how to open the bill.

As said earlier, the HDFC card statement you download form netbanking is not password protected. However, when you get it through email, you need to provide a password to access it. Opening HDFC Credit Card e-statement with a password is effortless; the format is there in the email itself. Check the image below for the password combinations that work with HDFC CC bill in 2020.

Password to open HDFC Bank Credit Card Statement

For instance, if my name is winytips and my credit card number is 2345-6565-4345-6789, the HDFC CC statement password would be WINY6789. I can also use the name and DOB combination. So if my date of birth is 08-03-1986, I would give WINY0803 as the password for the e-statement.


How to check HDFC credit card unbilled transaction statement and balance 

Your HDFC credit card statement includes only those transactions taken place during in the last billing cycle. One has to check the Unbilled statement in the Credit card account to find the latest transactions and balance. HDFC Bank netbanking and HDFC mobile app provide options to view your unbilled credit card statement.

HDFC Credit card unbilled transactions
Check unbilled HDFC Credit Card transactions online.

  • Login and move to Credit card section in HDFC netbanking.
  • Click and expand the Enquire menu from the left side.
  • Now select unbilled transactions, and choose the card number and transaction type to view the details.

Check unbilled statement on HDFC credit card mobile app

Apart from downloading your credit card bill, the new HDFC mobile banking app provides an option to view the unbilled statement in iOS and Android versions of the app. Here is how to access it.

HDFC credit Card unbilled statement mobile app

  • Sign in to the HDFC mobile banking app either by providing the user ID and password or the Quick Access PIN.
  • Click on the Menu, Pay and then select Cards.
  • It opens and lists the Credit Cards mapped to your HDFC account. Select and press on a card number.
  • Now, as shown in screenshot press on the “unbilled transactions.”

When you make an HDFC card transaction, the credit limit changes immediately. However, it may take up to 48 hours for the history to reflect in the unbilled statement.

Check HDFC CC statement (Credit Card bill) on mobile app & online
Check HDFC CC statement (Credit Card bill) on mobile app & online
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    • Please login to HDFC netbanking or check your email to download the latest credit card bill. Kindly do not to post your credit card number in public platforms.

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    • Check the password combination given in the article. Give VINA**** as your statement password where **** is the last for digits of your credit card number.

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