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The previous owner launched WINYTIPS in June 2011 as a hobby site offering tech and finance tips. Over the decade, this website has received nearly 5 million visitors resulting in almost 8.5 million page views. However, due to various commitments, we haven’t been able to publish much content here for the last few years, but we have managed to update existing articles. Now that we are in 2024, we’re determined to put an end to our creative deadlock. Yes, we are starting afresh.

Here is the new change at; we have a new homepage.

The decision is to rebrand the assets we manage under the name of Smartin, one of the new owners of this site and many others. Today, we are introducing Smartin.How, a new web project that is going to replace in the coming months. is moving to Smartin.How

What’s our plan for Smartin.How?

We have already rebranded our old YouTube channel to match with this change. However, we’ve decided that we will not 301 redirect WINYTIPS to Smartin.How since it could mess up the new site’s performance, and it doesn’t align with our new vision on user experience and content quality. We are thankful to our readers for all the love and encouragement during this 10 year journey and look forward to your continued support for the new website.

The existing content on WINYTIPS will still be updated, especially our popular article on macOS direct download links, which attracts hundreds of daily users coming through direct hits and has even managed to create a Google suggestion. From now on, WINYTIPS will focus on visual web stories, product finds and reviews catering to the searchers from India. We’re dedicating WINYTIPS to things like coupons, discount codes, and sale days in the Indian online shopping scene.

On the other hand Smartin.How will cover all all topics that we have been touching in the last years and will give you the finest visual and reading experience. We plan Smartin.How to as reference guide, for may things tech, health and finance.

Once again, we thank all our readers, both known and unknown, who have visited the site over the last decade. We’re putting a lot of memories to rest with hope and passion for something better. We’ll see you on Smartin.How.

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