Skype full offline installer setup

Yahoo Messenger was probably the best-loved Internet messaging and voice calling application until a few years ago. Yahoo lost its pace in the recent years, and now Skype holds the honor in those areas where the Messenger was once popular for. Ever since the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft the total user-base of the service kept on rising and currently when you talk about online video calls its Skype for everyone.

Skype has become a real platform-independent messenger; it is a free download for Windows, Mac, Linux desktop operating systems, and Android, iOS, Symbian, Java enabled devices. Lately the developers are expanding its availability to Smart Televisions, wearable devices, etc. According to reports Skype mobile app usage is also getting huge, still when you count the desktop numbers, users are mostly from Windows PCs.

Skype full installer latest version

If you are a regular user of Skye for Windows, you might have noticed that it is not that easy to download the full offline version of the software from Microsoft’s website. Skype usually provides an online installer that connects to the Internet to download the rest of the software files. Skype is the front-runner of this online installation strategy, and they are doing this from the beginning, only for Windows platform. While some may find it useful, most of us would be in need of a standalone and full setup that don’t need an Internet connection for subsequent installations. So here are the ways, and a direct link to download Skype offline installer if you are looking for one.

Ways to download latest Skype installer

1. Windows 8 users have the liberty to download a Touch-Screen friendly Skype app from the Windows store. This app works on normal desktops too, but the tiled UI is more intuitive in tablet environments. Go over here for downloading Skype for Windows 8 Metro. In fact, this software is installed online, but then the design aspects, speed and small size worth a mention.

2. The traditional standalone Skype installer ( Compatible with XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 desktops) is around 30 MB in size. The current edition of Skype (May, 2015) as we are writing this article is 7.4. However, you can always download the new version by copy-pasting the URL given below in your web browser’s address bar, or by clicking the adjacent link.    Download

3. Get the Skype full installer from Windows cache if you have already downloaded it online.

During online installation, Skype downloads the offline installer and another application called “Skype Toolbars” to the Windows temporary folder. See the following video if you want to extract all executable files from remains of a live installation.

The Skype setup we get through this approach is just about 20 MB, the other file installs Skype “Click to Call” addon on your web browser so that you can directly initiate calls from within web pages that list phone numbers.