Skype full offline installer setup

Yahoo Messenger was probably the best-loved Internet messaging and voice calling application until a few years ago. Yahoo lost its pace in the recent years, and now Skype holds the honor in those areas where the Messenger was once popular for. Ever since the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft the total user-base of the service kept on rising and currently when you talk about online video calls its Skype for everyone.

Burn DMG file on Windows

Those who buy a new Apple computer and move to the Mac OS X desktop platform from Windows would soon notice a disparity of the installation packages used. In Windows, the extension of an executable file is either MSI or EXE, and when it comes to Mac, it is PKG or APP. Some Mac software is also circulated in DMG format, which is actually a mountable disk image extension with inbuilt compression and security features. DMG helps a software vendor to pack several application files and libraries together for easy shipping. When an end-user clicks on a DMG file, it mounts on the system and opens up the read-only, compressed files enclosed. The installer app included in Mac OS X takes up these files and completes the installation. Since DMG is a disk image, it is comparable with ISO and other Windows formats to some extent.

This program cannot be installed on Windows NT version: why?

You might spot a message “This program cannot be installed on Windows NT version x.xx or later,” when you attempt to install certain applications in Windows computers. It, by and large, signifies the incompatibility of old software programs with latest editions of Windows. So, if you want to run an unstable app in a PC by some means, you first have to determine the Windows version for it is written: thankfully, we can retrieve it by analyzing the NT marking recorded in error reports generated by those apps, that they produce after a failed installation.

Setting a Photo caller ID by syncing Facebook contacts in iPhone.

I am a regular user of Facebook, and I have a good number of friends out there. When I don’t have the phone number of a pal or colleague, I normally refer his Facebook profile to get that, and revise my contact list accordingly. I was following this hand-operated redaction until Apple unified Facebook to iOS which ushered-in the social media served data syncing to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This change brings in the ability for importing a Facebook friend’s phone, email, website, address, etc. to your device without much effort. Not only that, you can automatically download Facebook profile photos to the equivalent contact records so that you will see your friend’s image as a caller ID when he/ she calls you.

Making use of this feature will not delete any exiting data in your iPhone by default, but will merge photos and fill any missing details you may want. All public email Ids, and birthdays of friends will also be synced (if opted) to the phone, and important events will be marked to the calendar app.

Syncing Facebook contacts in iPhone

The steps explained below will assist you carry all possible Facebook information to your phone; however, we are focusing on the photo caller ID part for the sake of the title of this post.

  • Open your iPhone settings and locate Facebook by scrolling down towards the bottom. (Check video for reference).
  • Tap on Install button and install the latest Facebook app for the iPhone.
  • Now enter your FB username and password in the boxes provided and sign-in.
  • At this point, the setup will ask for a selective access to Facebook account. Make sure you pick the Contacts app and then hit “Update all Contacts” option beneath that.
  • It will take a few moments for syncing. Once it finishes you will find the number of edited contacts. Now when you check all the updated contacts will have their Facebook profile photo attached to their listing.

From this point you will also be able to update your Facebook status using Siri.

Disadvantages of using iOS Facebook integration for syncing contacts.

What given above is probably the safest method for pulling your Facebook contact information and birthdays to iPhone, but it has got some cons too.

1.The image you see as caller ID is a small, rounded thumbnail-size version of the original one.
2.There is no option to selectively sync contacts; therefore, your control over the data being downloaded is just about average. Sometimes your Facebook friends without a phone number or profile image will also be synced to the phone book.

So how to get a full screen caller ID in iPhone, without any glitches.

Sync.Me is a free app for iPhone and Android, that works like a charm in importing social photos in full screen to your contacts list. It gives complete control over the information you may wish to Sync.
Download Sync.Me for iPhone. ( An Android version is available in the PlayStore.)

We highly advocate this app for all our users for the following benefits.

  • Fully interactive and straightforward design.
  • Compatible with Google Plus, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Choose from full screen, call screen or thumbnail sized caller Ids.
  • Prevent overwriting of photos and information for selected contacts.
  • Customize your contact requirements before the sync.
  • Android version of the app supports Live Facebook caller ID.

Sync.Me uploads, compare and try to match the contacts in your device with the online profiles created on Facebook/Google Plus/LinkedIn. It outputs a set of results as shown in the video, which you can configure further to avoid clutter and disordering.

Manual editing should be your pick, if you just want to fix the thumbnail-caller-image issue for a single contact. In iPhone and Android, you can enable a full-screen photo caller ID for each contact by editing the photo field in Contact app with a relevant image, though it is not feasible when you want to update hundreds of listing